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Today’s Joke

knock knock!
who’s there?
Ghost who?
I am already in.

Past Collection

knock knock!
Who’s there?
dad who?
[complete silence]

knock knock bow bow dog

knock knock!
Who’s there?
bow bow
bow bow who?
bow bow i said bow bow who?
bow bow
Don’t you know the joke rules?
[mother shouts: it’s your dog billy! open the door.]

knock knock cctv joke

Knock Knock!
You are under CCTV.
Let me break the camera and try again!
No no wait! Who’s there?
Where’s the camera?
I said who’s there? What’s your second name?

knock knock What is wrong with you

Knock Knock!
I am busy.
Oh! Hi Busy. Is Kevin home?
Kevin is human not home. Haha! Got you.
[punster leaves]
Alright! Who’s there?
I said who’s there? 

knock knock no response joke

Knock Knock!
[no response]
I said knock knock!
[no response]
Wadda hell is wrong with you? 
I knew it. You are kevin!

knock knock i am not interested

Knock Knock!
I told you I am not interested.
Alright! At least open the door.

knock knock proposal joke

Knock Knock!
Not interested.
I am not proposing you either.