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What is Pun?

Paronomasia, often known as pun, is a type of word-play which suggests multiple meanings. This is created by using something in a way that helps you exploit multiple meanings of words, or words with similar phonetic tone. A pun is usually done for an intended rhetorical or humorous effect. The intentional use of figurative, homo-graphic or homo-phonic language gives rise to these equivocalness.

That’s the Definition of Pun


The knock knock jokes are ‘Call and Response joke‘ that usually end with a pun.

Puns and Malapropism and how they are different from each other.

A pun includes expressions with two or more correct interpretations.


A malapropism is an incorrect variation of a correct expression.

Puns may be considered as idiomatic constructions or inside-jokes that are appreciated by the members of a particular group, community or culture. The history of punning is long. It has been credited as the basic concept behind alphabets, writing, and in fact human civilization too.

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